Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday I entered my forty fifth year, being of fine 1963 vintage.

In recent years the birthday has meant a get together involving Lynny Meeson (with whom I share not only the day, but the year as well) and all the usual suspects in Millbrook for a few glasses of something intoxicating and perhaps a couple of nibbly things. But enough of Lynny's chest.

This time, many of the usual suspects (including Lynny's chest) were in Falmouth celebrating Rosie and Kit's nuptials, so Mrs The Millbrooker and I decided to have a day out.

Here's me looking suave and elegant in off-the-ankle shorty-type-things next to what might be a medieval knob on the wonderful and magical St Michael's Mount off Marazion.

Because we don't have to pay courtesy of working for Fist Great Western, we used the train from Liskeard to Penzance, and took the bus out to Marazion. Not only environmentally friendly but the whole journey cost us £2.10 (Nicky's return fare on the bus - I get free bus travel too; using a white stick does have a few advantages).

We had a cracking time; saw a seal playing with a recently caught fish; got some excellent photos of some fairly tame birds; enjoyed touring the castle; munched a very yummy lunch of fish in white wine sauce with a herby crust in the "Sail Loft" restaurant and enjoyed a decent pint of Doom Bar on the terrace of The Godolphin Hotel overlooking the Mount afterwards.

I vote it a jolly good birthday. Thank you to everyone who sent cards (all rude, naturally) and I hope to see everyone on the coming weekend for those few glasses of something intoxicating and couple of nibbly things - by then, we'll have had Cousin Dave's birthday, it will be almost Dong's birthday and very nearly Mrs The Millbrooker's birthday as well; loads to celebrate. Hooray!

Meanwhile, I loved St Michael's Mount so much that I'm going to publish a just a few shots from the grand day out:

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