Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ivy gains another year

Ivy has been teetotal for some months, but recently announced a change of policy. Here she is celebrating her 17th birthday by chugging a decently sized dollop of very nice Breton cider.

I am given to understand that this was followed with several other drinks that are mainly considered suitable for over 18s.

We had a bit of a house full yesterday for the celebrations. Maggie and Trickers (seen in the background on the photo left) drove down from their eyrie in Bath as did Ivy's old boy, Nigel. Cousin Dave came over from darkest Efford and a veritable hoard of the younger generation turned up and failed to eat all of the lovely fare on offer from the barbecue.

If I say so myself, the lamb kebabs were bleedin' loverly:

Shame the weather was a bit mizzly for the lunchtime period which necessitated operating the charcoal in the little courtyard immediately outside the kitchen so party goers could eat indoors in warmth & comfort.

After Ivy's Dad and her Nana and Grampy departed for the distant north, Cousin Dave, Nicky and I decided to leave the youngsters to whatever they were up to (which was a game of "paper, scissors, stone" as it turns, but the youth of today knows how to party).

A jolly enjoyable sojourn in the D&C resulted in a larger than advisable intake of Betty Stog's ale by yours truly. We were pleasantly surprised to see Maggie & Norman back from Germany for a flying visit celebrating their anniversary and Maggie's birthday. Dong and Shazzer were also in evidence looking nicely scrubbed up for the occasion. There was some talk of joining them for a hike on Bodmin moor the following day, but as it turns out Dozybean and EarMatt are coming over so traipsing in the Cornish wilds will have to wait for another opportunity.

Slightly out of order, chronologically speaking, I think I should share a picture of Ivy's ever-loving brother enjoying the packaging from one of her birthday presents; ably assisted by his Mum and Cousin Dave:

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