Sunday, June 03, 2007

Be there or be square...

29th June...Maker with Rame Community Hall...doors open 8pm.

Peter Knight with two of his hugely talented fellow musicians, Roger Flack and Vincent Salzfaas appearing under the name "Gigspanner". Tickets are £8 which for an act of this outstanding quality is a piffling amount. And it's right on our own doorstep.

For anyone not in the know - Peter Knight is the long time fiddle player with Steeleye Span, but he also does a great deal of solo and other band work. You'll rarely get an opportunity to see a more accomplished set of musicians performing in the Rame Peninsula.

I have no real idea exactly what Gigspanner are going to play, but I believe their style is based around traditional English folk infused with African rhythms. I've already organised tickets for quite a few of our mates and muckers (some of whom still owe me for them); anyone else can easily get hold of tickets by following the link here:

There's a £1.50 postage fee to add to any order, but it's still outstanding value for what I'm sure will be an exceptional evening's entertainment.

You can have a smile at Mr Knight's younger years on youtube as he performs with Steeleye Span on Crackerjack (from 1976). He's on the extreme left in the video demonstrating a terrific ability in shifting his weight from one foot to the other whilst Maddy Prior mimes gamely to "All Around My Hat":
Enjoy - and do get yourself a ticket!

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