Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Office is Open for Business

Nicky's new self-employed status means we've converted Dozybean's old bedroom into the household office where Nicky can entertain clients such as Piers "Tea Time" Taylor seen here on the left of the photo. Most of Piers's bijou residence would fit into the new office, so conducting business here seems to make sense.

Piers is known as "Tea Time" Taylor due to his habit of either ringing up or calling in at almost the exact moment of us having our evening meal. Under such circumstances, we'd often invite the caller to join us but this proves difficult with young Tea Time as he's a teetotalling vegan which may help to explain his racing-snake figure.

Also with Nicky in the photo is Shazzerooneypoos who was invited into the inner sanctum for an in depth discussion on the merits of Cornwall becoming a unitary authority (yes really - occasionally serious matters do get aired here).

The meeting was followed by a hurried trip around the estate during which we showed off our single planted flower bed with much pride and Auntie Sharon managed to remain upright with only a modicum of difficulty despite tottering on footwear which could be thought of as mildly unsuitable for gravel pathways and slightly uneven steps.

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