Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some new councillors

On the left (though not politically), new Parish Councillor Richie "comb-over" Meeson, seen here demonstrating his knowledge of "Give Us A Clue" charade techniques.
On Tuesday last Richie and yours truly were co-opted onto the sadly depleted council and consequently we command respect from all Millbrook residents who obviously hang on our every word.
Also co-opted, though not present at the meeting or in the pub afterwards was one Roger Bewes (not to be confused with any Likely Lads), so the council is now up to a more respectable eleven members from a maximum of thirteen.
That means there's still two places up for grabs - provided you can string a couple of vaguely coherent sentences together and live in the parish you too can be a fine upstanding citizen of Millbrook and be on the council; simply write to Richard Woodley, Clerk to the Council at the Village Hall and he'll put your application before the full council. Actually, considering Auntie Sharon is the vice chair forget the bit about stringing a couple of coherent sentences together and just check whether or not you live in the parish.

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