Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yet another Mark of Friendship quiz night

Hiding behind some answer sheets in shame, a mysterious member of Team ASBO attempts to deny reality and the fact that he'd achieved the lowest ever score at a quiz night: 26 / 100.
Team ASBO is Rob's mob, one of whom described the evening as "hardcore quizzing".
It was the last quiz night before we take a summer break from all the sweating over encyclopedias and obscure websites; we're away for a lot of July and it's never worth doing a quiz in August as so many people are away - so we'll be back in September, refreshed and even more devious than ever. Well, we'll be back anyway.
The quiz night saw a decent turn out with ten teams competing and the results table is as follows:
1st - "Save Maker & Join The Trust" (that's Olly Bond in a flagrant marketing exercise along the lines of calling a showjumping horse "Everest Double Glazing the Fourth") 78/100
2nd - "Four Candles" 75/100 - they fought right to the last
3rd - "Syzygy" 71/100 - a damned good showing, leading for the first couple rounds
4th - "Knights of the Round Table" 69/100 - a new team, good to see them
5th - "Spitfire and the Neighbours" 64/100 - Dong and Shazzer put up a decent effort
6th - "Not-So-Incredibles" 59/100 - this was Lizzie (Ivy) and friends including Keith
7th - "The Motley Crew" 57/100 - Paddy & Elaine fighting hard
8th - "A2Bers" 50/100 - not last this time, and not by a long margin
9th - "Cannonball Express" - 47/100 - Dozybean, EarMatt, Lila and another one who's name escapes me putting up a dismal showing
10th - "Team ASBO" 26/100 - 'nuff said
Favourite answer of the night
Question - within ten years either way, can you give Elizabeth the First's birth and death dates?
Answer - 1900 to 1950 (with thanks to the Not-So-Incredibles for giving me a good laugh).
Thanks to all who took part - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we hope you did too.

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