Friday, June 15, 2007

Steve reaches a half century

Stephen is the one on the right. He lives in Canada but returned to blighty to celebrate his half century with family and friends. He may have celebrated quite a lot because he was a wee bit quieter than usual on the evening we were invited over (Weds) to his mum's place in East Looe to join in the last of the evenings of his visit.
Seen above are yours truly, David (Nicky's step-bro), Julie (David's partner) and the birthday boy himself (also Nicky's step-bro). I was allowed to blow out some candles along with Stephen; not as might be thought because he's running out of puff after a long and hard week of being fifty, but because it was very recently my birthday as well and the cake was proffered by Rosemary for the both of us.
As is normal at Rosemary & Harry's place we indulged in a lovely meal, too much wine and smiled politely when Harry decided to sing "Oh for the Wings of a Dove" whilst accompanying himself on his guitar.
Sadly we had to party-poop and leave a bit early; after the previous day's London trip and with a full day's work in mind for the following day ten thirty was as late as we could leave it before heading back to the relative calm and sanity of Millbrook.

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