Saturday, August 18, 2007

An annual tradition

Here is the ever-dignified Helen, my former boss (and one of the few with whom I'm friendly after the event), indulging her passion for choccy pudding at the Edgcumbe Arms.

She's pictured with her ever-loving, Andy. They come to our part of world as a matter of habit every year at around this time for Andy's cricket team's tour match at Tideford / St Germans.

Needless to say, this year's match has been abandoned because of mallards swimming on the wicket. You never know, one year I might actually get to see a ball bowled.

We've managed to get together for a drink or two every year since we've been in Millbrook, sadly it has been just for a couple of drinks or, in this and last year's case, a meal at The Edgcumbe. It's always good to catch up, because I'm largely rubbish at keeping in touch during the year. Thank goodness Helen doggedly keeps sending emails and offering the occasional phone call.

The meal was generally pronounced yummy, but I found my "Cremyll Fish Pie" rather too imbued with cheese which meant that the fish was swamped and couldn't really be tasted. I did very much enjoy the three pints of Proper Job ale. Everyone else was being teetotal ( the old soak).

I've put out the tempter to Helen & Andy of visiting for the Maker Festival next year. If they do decide to stay in Millbrook for a few days and if you lot are good boys and girls I might allow you to meet them in our favourite drinking dens; I'm sure they won't be being teetotal then, health permitting.

Andy & Helen brought along Andy's daughter, Alison, but she didn't want her picture taken - especially when indulging in finger-fighting with her old boy.

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