Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hitchcockian nightmare in Millbrook

Behold a picture of what might have happened to Shazzerooneypoos only two evenings ago had the laid-back hero of our times, Dong, not stepped in to rescue the poor damsel in distress as a black and heartless feathery beast forced its way into her boudoir intent on its own foul business.

Have the blackbirds of Millbrook (or it might have been a jackdaw, or it might have been a crow - neither Dong nor Shaz know much about birds) turned seditious and revolutionary? One of their number invaded the bedroom of one of our innocent citizenry and pooed on the window sill! Something must be done.

This could be the start of a worrying trend in birds forgetting their rightful place in the great outdoors. We can't rely on Dong always being on hand to drive the dastardly interlopers away - so fellow Millbrookers, be on your guard and make sure you keep your windows shut for fear of a severe pecking or at least having to wipe up some birdy poo.

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