Sunday, August 26, 2007

It was a night to addendum

I wasn't allowed to tell the whole story of Dozybean and EarMatt's recent visit until now.

After our rather yummity trout dinner Dozybean announced the imminent (although still some months away) arrival of a small person from the miracle that is a woman's inner tubings which had been helped in its creation by a bit of gentle prodding from EarMatt.

In plain language, The Millbrooker and Mrs The Millbrooker will, come next April, be known to at least one pink wrinkly thing as "Nana and Grandad". I believe that it may take a few weeks or so from the birth before said pink wrinkly thing is able to actually pronounce these words properly, but I'm sure Dozybean and EarMatt will do their best to encourage an early ability to recite Shakespearean sonnets; as I will do my utmost to instill a well developed taste in decent Bordeaux into the youngster in time for the first birthday.

Here's a shot of the proud parents-to-be immediately after breaking the news to the slightly surprised The Millbrooker household:
In the spirit of helpful grandparenting, I've checked around for useful items that the short breeders might want to think about acquiring in time for the sproglet's arrival:

This is called a "Baby Cage" and has been a patented invention since 1998. I'm sure you get the idea: adults small. How does one combine the two in one bed? Answer: The Baby Cage! The cage is an oval shaped dome structure with curved crossbars that are strong enough to support an adult's weight, thus keeping baby safe. On the other hand it could mean plenty of adolescent trips to the trick-cyclist's as baby attempts to get over being caged between two fart producing monsters who never have sex anymore because there's a bleedin' great cage in between them with a baby in it. Perhaps just moving the cot over towards the bed might work?

(I'm grateful to for this material which I have stolen and paraphrased).

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