Sunday, August 26, 2007

Down at the Old D and C...

Some Millbrookian revellers enjoyed what could loosely be called dancing at the D&C last night as Beano played some groovy sounds using his CD disco equipment. As I took the photo above, he posed carefully so that he looked as if he was actually doing something. His words, not mine.
It was a pleasure to watch Sandie skanking away having spent most of the day slurping Russell and Mark's best loopy-juice. The word "elegant" was some distance from my mind. The word "pissed" was somewhat closer.

We had a fine old time in the company of Shazzerooneypoos, Lynny & Richie and Lizzie with her Tomboy. Lush Lewis tells me that some of her colleagues have started calling her Shazzerooneypoos; excellent - a complete undermining of whatever little authority she may have once held. The Millbrooker's subversive streak wins again! I believe I must congratulate her colleagues on the imaginative use of her legs in photo form as well. Good work.

I did find that after several Betty Stog's the conventional method of consumption became a bit too difficult, so I'm very grateful to Lynny for helping out with the earhole ingestion method.
Young Lizzie was quite concerned that her legs might appear "disgustingly white", so I'm happy to put all thoughts of imperfect pins to rest by letting fellow Millbrookers judge for themselves.
I'm unsure whether I'll ever be forgiven for this one. Ho hum.

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