Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Millbrooker Towers in Turmoil

I've made one or two allusions to the building site that is currently chez nous. When we say we haven't got a roof, we mean it. Our very nice roofing man and general builder missed yesterday's sunshine through having shot a nail through his hand with a nail-gun whilst balancing precariously atop our rafters, but he's back in action today banging away like a good 'un above our bonces. I thought I'd share a couple of shots of the work-in-progress, so's everyone knows why we're not really inviting people around very much at the moment.

Because the roof is presently non-existent, all of the furniture from the attic room has been redistributed around the house, so even the lower floored rooms are crowded. We've avoided serious sense of humour failures so far, but the ratio of going out to the pub or visiting friends and relatives is on the increase because it gets us out of the chaos. We're hoping to get a film club evening organised for Sunday, but we haven't got a film yet...if you're one of the crew who watches arty-farty nonsense with us, we'll be in touch.

Anyway here's a couple of shots of the house from the back, where most of the work is going on:

Ho hum...

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