Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yet more stuff from Dudders

There are two new comments (again somewhat lengthy) from our old friend Dudders who seems obsessed with converting me into a supporter of capital punishment. If you're desperate for something to read you'll find the comments on the "Dead Man Walking - a comment" posting below.

On the assumption that Dudders is reading this, as he appears to have read the last one - enough now, thank you. I won't be publishing any more of your stuff; you are obviously very well read on your chosen subject and more than a little obsessed. I believe you are arguing for something that is morally indefensible and you believe otherwise (as a passionate atheist, my moral viewpoint is unaffected by the bible - a book written the best part of two thousand years ago by a more-or-less anonymous group of men who had an agenda of their own which I suspect had nothing whatever to do with religion and great deal to do with social control).

I live in a country that had the good sense to abolish the death penalty for murder in 1965 and for all crimes (treason and piracy being the only capital offences left) in 1998; you live in and are happy with a nation that thinks it's ok to kill its own citizens which I would consider barbaric. I would (and do) also consider it barbaric to kill another country's citizens unless they'd invaded your territory, but Iraq and Afghanistan are stories for another day.

Now I'm bored that my little blog, which was set up for my own amusement and that of a few other Millbrookers in Cornwall plus maybe a few curious people from around the world, is being bombarded by your stuff about capital punishment. All I did, for chrissake, was watch a film with a few mates and publish a brief review in which I said the film was a powerful piece of drama and that no matter which side of the argument you're on it should be compulsory viewing.

So, Dudders, read and enjoy the opinionated nonsense I like to send out into the ether; try some of the hundreds of postings that don't mention your pet subject, maybe you'll even manage a chuckle or two. Check out how life is in Cornwall's largest village, have a glass of decent bordeaux or a nice room temperature ale and try "livin' the Millbrook way" ("...up with the sun when the giro comes, and pissed for the rest of the day"). Cheerio, and have a nice life.

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