Thursday, August 30, 2007

A New Honourary Member of Millbrook Society

Quite a few of the usual suspects in and around Millbrook know that Cousin Dave has found a little corner of happiness for himself with his ladyfriend Penny. We Millbrookers have known her from afar as Penny Potter for some time now, an allusion to her chosen profession of playing with clay and getting all mucky.

Cousin Dave's new paramour has aroused much curiosity amongst the Millbrook cogniscenti, coz we all love Cousin Dave and therefore want to know everything about him and his nearest and dearest. So, to help the nosey amongst you, Mrs The Millbrooker and I went around to Cousin Dave's pad yesterday in the knowledge that the highly vaunted Penny Potter would be in residence. I'm now in a position to publish a photo of the lovely lady and Cousin Dave to satisfy all that Millbrookian curiosity. Cousin Dave is the one underneath:

There, I thought that would be helpful.

Now, on to a brief plug for Cousin Dave's outstanding artworks. He's now got some stuff into a commercial gallery and his prices are rising - art collectors of Millbrook (and beyond) sit up straight and pay attention. If you want to own an original Dave Roberts artwork you need to get in now. In a couple of years it's quite possible that none of us is going to be able to afford it. Remember when you could buy a Robert Lenkiewicz oil painting for about twenty quid in the 1970s? That same painting now would cost you several thousand. Dave's as good as, if not better than, the late great Robert L. in his own field and is undoubtedly a nicer bloke as well - so take a look at a couple of Dave's things at You can see his work in the flesh at the gallery at 69 Devonport Road, Stoke, Plymouth. You can also see some of it at Millbrooker Towers, he he he. The photo on the right is of the geometric "linear construct" that is available at the gallery; the linear construct is one of Cousin Dave's trademark works.

Those of you who are really desperate to ogle Penny (and she's quite ogle-worthy) can find all six photos that I took yesterday on the complete photo sets link at the top right of the blog).

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