Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New technology..what will they think of next?

I'm working long day shifts this week, so postings have been few and far between. Should be back to normal soon, only two more days to go before I get a bit of breathing space again.
I've just discovered facebook, only several decades later than everyone else. I've been having lots of fun hooking up with old buddies from previous lives. Aah, this new technologickercal stuff; most amusing.

I've contacted an old musical friend from aeons ago in Bath called Colin Morris. He was always a damned fine bass player and the outfit he's working with now sound bleedin' great. That's Colin on the left. We were at school together, hung out in similar circles, played just about every venue in Bath and some in Bristol, and never once to the best of my memory actually played together; either in the same band or even on the same bill. Some things just work out that way.

So, Daily(ish) Millbrook readers, I invite you to meet an old buddy of mine and his fine musical partners in "Electric Soup" by visiting

There are a couple of their tracks available to listen to; if you like prog rock you're in for a treat. And take a look at their myspace friends list...Chris Squires, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp (who was a mate of my mum's, believe it or not).

I'm contacting Colin in an attempt to get them down this way to play at Maker next year. I reckon they'll go down a storm.
In the meantime, it's time to unwind a bit before an early night and another farkin' early morning.
Night night.

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