Friday, September 14, 2007

A lunch date with destiny

No one in this picture is called Destiny, so the title of this posting might be thought of as mildly misleading. Above you can see Dozybean, EarMatt, The Millbrooker and Sue. Mrs The Millbrooker was there as well, but she's behind the camera.

Dozybean and EarMatt invited us around for lunch on the terrace overlooking the lawns at their des res in Plymouth. I was very late indeed because I had an unbelievably long meeting with First Great Western's local management team with my union hat on. EarMatt, though, valiantly fought off the predatory hordes of my wife and step-daughter (separate people, this is not the deep south of America) and thereby ensured there was something left to eat when I finally arrived.

Dozybean had been taken out girly-shopping by her Mum and gave us a fashion parade whilst fervently sucking in her rapidly expanding waistline. I do have a photo of Dozybean looking resplendent in a new bright white frock, but I thought the new shoes might arouse more envy in certain quarters (no names, no pack drill - but we all know who Auntie Sharon is):

Anyway, the reason we were all gathered together was to take a peek at Dozybean's inner workings and see a shot of the small being who is shortly going to cause major life changes amongst the Vening-Trace-Millbrooker's assorted households. So without more ado - ladies and gentlemen, give it up big for Small Blurry Baby:

New date for expected arrival of Small Blurry Baby (who by then may have a better name) is 20th March. So expect a flurry of activity from The Millbrooker household around then.


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