Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Exciting new discovery

I've discovered how to upload my old band's stuff onto the interweb. That's us above. I'm the extremely handsome chap in the middle with the waistcoat on: I was pretty once.

Many moons ago I had ambitions to be be a rock star and bestride the planet howling into a microphone and thence through an enormous PA rig to the adoring masses.

You will have already gathered that this never did come to pass and I live a quiet and un-wealthy existence in Millbrook indulging in middle-aged silliness rather than living a hedonistic lifestyle, touring the world, taking heroic quantities of brain-frying illegal substances and sleeping with supermodels before contemptuously casting them aside; but it wasn't for the lack of trying.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, my lack of commercial success was probably a good thing. I doubt I'd have made it to the grand old age of 44. It's also possible that the music I helped to make just wasn't all that saleable, although I still reckon it was pretty decent.

The band was called Family Fruitbowl and comprised yours truly on lead vocals and dancing about, Bruce Treasure (who was already well known through his work with the Sub Humans) and Alan Scovell (my mate Anal - see recent postings). We had a couple of different drummers and occasionally resorted to using a drum machine on the basis that it never dropped a beat and you didn't have to buy it pints of lager.

Anyway, you can share the Family Fruitbowl experience by clicking the link below and I've uploaded one of our songs "Steve Screamed": penned by me and arranged (because they understand music far better than I do) by Bruce and Anal.

If you do like it - it'd be really nice if you click onto the Ilike logo at the top right of the page to register the fact.
The song was recorded live at The Metronome Club in Bath on 15th May 1993 with John Miles on drums. I'm going to upload some more soon, so if you do like it please feel free to take a listen.

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