Friday, September 07, 2007

Lunch in the sunshine

Summer may have been a sodden and disappointing affair weather-wise, but Mr Helios has finally managed to don his chapeau, and we made the most of it whilst enjoying a lunch at The Inn on the Shore at Downderry.

The excuse for such minor extravagance was meeting up with Rosemary & Harry to hand over the key to our Breton pad which they'll be staying in from Tuesday for a short holiday with some friends of theirs.

That's Rosemary & Harry in the photo above.

Harry was on his best behaviour and didn't sing even once. He was planning an afternoon out in Looe bay on his boat hunting for bass or similar fishy treats. Hope he got lucky.

I thought the Inn did a fine job with very decent pub grub at equally decent prices. Good old VFM, that's what I like to see. The menu has plenty of fishy things as well as the old favourite steaks etc. and they keep their ale well with Doom Bar, Spitfire and Tribute on the hand pumps.

What made it particularly nice though, was the sunny terrace overlooking the bay; a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours in good company, munching good food and slurping lovely ale.

Sadly Harry still hasn't quite got the hang of which orifice is
the correct one for shovelling food into.

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