Saturday, September 08, 2007

Alan "Spinner" Scovell replies...

Some of you may have read my posting about visiting my old buddy Alan in Westbury. Alan is often thought of as "fluffy" and "lovely": sweetness and light personified.
I keep trying to tell everyone that he's actually the most cantakerous, potty-mouthed old git imaginable, but I'm mostly disbelieved.
I think I should share with you the email I've just received from Al after he read the original posting about his excellent party:
"You great big, fat, hairy-assed c**t. I hate you. Despite being on a diet for eight weeks, I am still fucking fat as I can see from the photos of me you posted on the fucking internet. Bastard c**t. Best wishes and love as always,Alan (you fucking great c**t)"

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