Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A very good doctor

Martyn (on the left in the photo above) told me a wonderful story last weekend about a visit to the doctor made by his Dad.

Martyn's Dad has suffered from hypertension (high blood pressure) for ages, and nothing seemed to be doing any good. The hypertension was brought on by stress.

During the visit in question, after the doctor had taken the normal measurements and done whatever tests he needed to do he asked

"Your stress levels seem to rise during the day is that right?"

Martyn's Dad replied that this was true.

"What time of day do you find yourself most stressed?"

"Usually about eleven in the morning," responded the patient.

"Do you read the Daily Mail?" asked the doctor.


"Well, I should stop then," prescribed the wise medical man.

Martyn's Dad has stopped reading the inked poison that is the Daily Mail and his hypertension is much improved. The NHS at its very best.

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