Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Age shall not...

Part of the weekend's festivities whilst visiting Anal and Sandybum was a get together with Bruce and Dot in Warminster.

Regular readers might recall the piece of blatant self publicity that I posted a while back showing a much younger self and musical partners in the almost legendary prog-rock outfit Family Fruitbowl.

Needless to say the somewhat sloshed get together resulted in the guitars being lifted from their assorted hidey-holes in Bruce's music-cum-front room and some drunken and fairly unsuccessful attempts at playing the old songs ensued. The songs are a fairly complex lot, so trying to play them for the first time in over twelve years at one thirty in the morning after several pints and a good dose of Bourbon was probably not the best idea in the world. I think we may have upset Bruce's teenaged offspring by singing very loudly at such an ungodly hour directly underneath their bedrooms; sorry Alice and Lewis, we're silly old buggers who should know better but we got a bit over-excited.

However, the idea of a reunion mini-tour was mooted and all three of us agreed that it could be fun, provided we can actually get to grips with the material again (and perhaps write a couple of new ones). The main problem, apart from Bruce's ongoing commitments to his (more successful) punk outfit Sub Humans, will be that they live in Wiltshire and I'm in Cornwall; hey - the Rolling Stones don't live in each others' pockets and we've got a CD to re-learn the old stuff from before a few days of intensive rehearsal. Watch this space for more news of old rockers.

Meanwhile here's a juxtaposition of beautiful young things in their pomp that you've seen before and some gnarly old proggers who met up last weekend. Note slightly expanded middles, fewer follicles and increase in jowls and facial hair:
Finally, under the influence of ale consumed in the wonderful "Organ" pub in Warminster I was persuaded by villainous music shop owner Bruce Treasure to buy probably the coolest instrument on earth.
Yes - a pink "flying-v" ukulele. I can't play it yet, but I'm practising and I have plans to put together a full Deep Purple tribute act.

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