Friday, October 12, 2007

Civic Duties

Picture design courtesy Piers "Tea-Time" Taylor.

Us very important councillor types met up for an informal working party / discussion group / Bordeaux tasting circle a couple of nights ago to discuss how we publicise what we get up to and how to publicise some of the good things about our village.

One of the things we decided we need to do is to get more people logging on and checking the information on the village website.

Did you even know there is a village website?

You can take a quick gander at You can get council meetings' minutes online (stop snoring at the back..I can hear you) alongside other exciting things and links to other local organisations.

If you've got any suggestions about how to make the site of more use to you - let us know thorough the Parish clerk: click on for the contact information.

There, with civic duty done, I'll entertain myself with a small photo of a bottom that I found simply by idly typing "hairstyle" into Google image search. So, does hairy do it for you, or not really?

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