Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fresh News about Mondays

These postings are going to get boring after a while, so I'm not going to rave on and on about the wonderful Tony Harris Band this week.

Just two quick bits of news to share.

Firstly, Russell and Mark are now doing "light bites" on Mondays for music lovers...lots of lovely snacky things to tickle your taste buds while Tony and his crew gently tickle your lug-holes. Prices rage from £1.95 to £4.95. What nicer way could there be to spend a couple of hours on a Monday night?

And secondly - on the 09th of November at Mount Edgcumbe House Tony will be performing an evening of Gershwin (with his humourous commentaries on the life story of the great composer) backed by what I was told last night is a fourteen piece quartet. I think just about every member of Tony's "quartet" that ever was is turning up to play. Now that's going to be a great evening's entertainment.

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