Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey, Fatty Bum Bum...

Mrs the Millbrooker and I often berate ourselves for being a bit porkier than we'd like. The worrying thing is that we're probably amongst the top 10% in the country for overall fitness: I walk an average of just under 5 miles on 5 or so days a week, and I do it at pace. Mrs tM accompanies me as often as not. We don't smoke. We eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. We consciously try to avoid lots of fat in our diet (the exception being when we're eating out, when I drop that rule quicker than you can say antidisestablishmentarianism). Believe me, we don't consider ourselves to actually be fit.

What a pair of sanctimonious gits, I hear you cry! Yep, but I try not to preach and I certainly think your lifestyle is your own affair.

Mind you, we were sitting in a traffic queue a couple of days ago, and my eyes were inexorably drawn towards the large Bunteresque gentlemen enjoying a quick pre-dinner snackette at a well known Devonian taxi stop. Have these people never heard the word "diet"? Fewer crisps and burgers, a bit more's not really rocket science.

Does this make me fattist? It's difficult having a social many "isms" to avoid.

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