Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not paranoid - it's happening

The latest news from the refusenik camp.

Our lovely government has sneaked this one through without much of a fanfare, but it's a significant move towards the police state that every government deep down in its heart thinks will be a good thing.

Most people are completely unaware that the Home Office has quietly announced that the registration of births, marriages and deaths is to be brought into the ID card system and the National "Security" Database. This takes effect from 01st April next year (how very appropriate).

The General Register Office becomes part of the Identity and Passport service on that date (instead of being part of the Office of National Statistics). Note that the department isn't called the Passport agency anymore; it's the Identity and Passport Service. (As a slight aside, we now have a Justice Ministry too - how very Orwellian).

A quotation from the Home Office: "...[this will ensure that we] fully realise the benefits of combining registration of life events in England and Wales and the issuing of passports."

The ID and Passport Service is in the process of developing the ID card, so with a database containing marriages and births as well it will possess a very powerful tool which not only lists individuals but can round them up electronically through their family relationships
This is not a system for homeland security as it is being sold to us. It is a system for total control by the wealthy and political elite - democracy is dying on its feet, and don't they just love it.
Are you feeling more secure now?

I'm sure I don't need to point out the huge implications for civil liberties in this country. One by one our hard fought freedoms are being taken from us, and they're doing it on the backs of the majority's apathy and the tacit support of the ignorant.

"Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" -my arse.

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