Friday, October 26, 2007

The Intrepid Tourer

I've not mentioned Rob for a while in these pages, and it's about time that I did.

He set off yesterday for Badingham in Suffolk on his miniature Goldwing substitute (that's a Kawasaki 250 to you and me). We got the 'phone call to say he'd arrived safely, so all's well in that department. Sadly he's ridden to attend a family funeral as Janet, his step-grandmother, died last week. Mrs The Millbrooker and Lizzie have travelled up this morning, meeting Dozybean en route.

Rob's idea was to ride to Badingham (near Ipswich), stay overnight with his Grandpa Charles, attend the service(s) and ride back in time to use his tickets for "Bowling for Soup" this evening back in Plymouth. As the journey there took him seven and a half hours, I don't think he'll be making the gig. Well done to him, though, for making a great effort to be with his Grandpa, just when Charles needs his family around him most.

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