Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Lessons of History

You'll all remember the miner's strike.

Each one of the badges on this picture is that of a colliery that was closed down between 1985 and 1994.

Here's the text from the bottom right hand corner of the same picture:

A letter sent to all miners in June 1984 from British Coal Chairman Ian MacGregor:

"This is strike that should never have happened. It is based on a very serious misrepresentation and distortion of the facts. At great financial cost, miners have supported the strike for 14 weeks because your leaders have told you this...The Coal Board is out to butcher the industry. That we plan to do away with 70,000 jobs. That we plan to close down around 86 pits leaving only 100 working collieries.
If these things were true I would not blame miners for getting angry or for being deeply worried, but these things are absolutely untrue. I state that categorically ans solemnly. You have been deliberately misled."
MacGregor was knighted in 1986.

Governments and their highly paid executives have always lied to us and always will lie to us. Never, ever, believe what you're told. They always have a hidden agenda.

Can you tell I'm on a course run by a good bunch of militants?

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