Thursday, November 01, 2007

The last full day in Doncaster

It's sort of party night in Doncaster this evening as the comrades celebrate surviving four nights in each other's company without bloodshed, and some lively discussions.

Mike Burt, David Lovell, Frank Marseglia and yours truly are planning a few pints at The Salutation. I think other small groups (factions?) are also thinking of marking the occasion in similar manner.
To prove that we did actually at least look as if we worked on this course, here are a few photos of the brothers and sisters in action. First up - Frank, Mike and David in earnest discussion about disciplinary procedures:

Next, David and yours truly not actually doing anything of practical use, but posing nicely for the camera:

And the legendary Geoff Revell (far right in the picture, appropriately left politically), veteran of more campaigns than you can think of, says cheerio to the course members after his inspiring talk on the history of the RMT:

Finally, although there were many other good people in Doncaster with us, the (ahem) shy and retiring Lesley from Reading giving us all some pointers on how to throw some spanners into the works:

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