Thursday, October 04, 2007

Monday night is jazz night

Tony Harris and his band, along with several invited players have taken up a Monday night residency at the D & C. We pootled along last Monday to watch a brace of Mrs The Millbrooker's offspring take their turns at fronting the outfit.

Dozybean was, and probably always will be, an occasional guest because she lives in Plymouth, is getting plumper with baby and doesn't attend rehearsals. She gave us a couple of decent renditions including "Steppin' Out (white tie, top hat and tails)" which involved an impromptu key change half way through when Tony realised that she was struggling to hit the high notes in the original key. Clever musicians, the transition was all but seamless.

The band's regular, and rehearsed, vocalists are our very own Lizzie and Shaun who's been with the band for wee bit longer and enjoys a flirt or two with the new chanteuse. They both have good strong (and thankfully tuneful) voices. Here's a shot of them fronting the band:

So, fellow Millbrookians, Monday night is jazz night. The music's kickin', the bonhomie is's about dropping in next time, there's room for a few more audience members at this genuine jamming session where the musicians really do improvise along a theme and you get to hear some great old favourites as well.

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