Thursday, October 04, 2007

More bird photos...because I can

I know, I know....I'm probably the only one who finds birds exciting, but it's my blog, so there.
We didn't have a great deal of luck in bird spotting during our sojourn in Brittany except on just the one day at Camaret sur Mer when they just seemed to jump out at us form every angle. So here's a few photos of some of the little gems we saw on that one day. Plus another common-as-muck cormorant who live sin the centre of Morlaix and is very easy to photograph, but still has beautiful plumage (copyright M Python).

First up: a pretty little fellow. This is a Wheatear, either a juvenile (which I don't think it is) or an adult male in autumn plumage (they're far more striking in spring and summer).

And following close behind, a Turnstone. These are commoner than you might think and can often be spotted on the seafront of small towns examining piles of seaweed and under small rocks for something grub like to wolf down.

Spotted very close to the Turnstone, a little Rock Pipit. Only sparrow sized and very active in looking for its dinner around the seashore.

And last, but not least here's the wonderful colours that our Morlaix cormorant displayed in the morning sunshine:

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