Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Aah, the lovely Elizabeth Taylor in her youth and the utterly gorgeous Paul Newman limping around looking sultry and moody.

Dong and Shazzerooneypoos came around on Sunday for the now traditional evening of film laced with wine and naughty nibbles (we allow them to use the futon whilst nibbling).

With this being a Tennessee Williams script, we weren't expecting an evening of merriment, and we didn't get one, but it was a tremendous evening's entertainment as Williams' text was interpreted onto the screen with plenty of gusto and some marvellous acting, particularly from Burl Ives as "Big Daddy". It's obviously a transfer from the stage and the original script is left relatively untouched.
As befits a film from 1958, the cinematography and some of the directorial techniques seem a touch dated, but viewed as a period piece (as it should be) the whole works very well indeed.
The gossip from the evening involves Dong's attempts to get Shazzerooneypoos strapped onto a pair of planks before pushing her down a startlingly steep slope. This is intended to be an enjoyable thing to do; sounds foolish in the extreme to me.
Skiing: cold, wet, dangerous, expensive.
Apres-Ski: warm, dry, safe (apart from hang-overs), modestly expensive.
Advice to Auntie Sharon: a well timed twisted ankle should ensure plenty of apres-ski (good) and a very decent excuse to avoid the cold, wet, dangerous bit. Might I suggest a small "slip" coming down Knillcross on some unsuitable footwear when no one's looking (shouldn't be too difficult to achieve authenticity) and your proposed ski trip will be a haven of log fires, fondues and wine without having to exercise inappropriately beforehand; an ankle doesn't put paid to appropriate exercise, however. See - I think of everything. Just be sure not to tell Dong.

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