Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Little Story About Rob and The Doctor

A while ago Rob moaned to his mum that he thought he might have a heart arrhythmia; nothing serious, but when he was exercising (he's a gym botherer amongst other things) he thought that he might be missing the odd beat here and there.

After a bit of motherly nagging to get organised, an appointment was duly made at the local quacks. Dr Scaggy recommended a 24 hour ECG test and Rob was wired up for a day to record whatever his ticker was up to. He passed in the recorded data and that was that; wait for the results.

So far, nothing unusual, you might be thinking.

Then we got a phone call...could Rob make an appointment as soon as possible, the doctor wanted to talk to him about the results.

Rob, in classic teenage fashion failed to make the appointment. Another phone call...this time his mum took it and made the appointment on his behalf, worried stupid that something very serious might be happening.

As it turns out Dr Scaggy was worried. There was a sudden and violent leap in heartbeat at twenty past seven in the evening of the ECG test.

"Oh, that'll be when I decided to run up Maker Lane to see if it would affect the test" Rob calmly explained.

Yep, it affected the test alright.

Panic over.

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