Tuesday, November 06, 2007

After a short hiatus...

Okay, okay...I know it's been a few days since I last sat here at the old laptop and poured my nonsense into the ether. Life has been a tad on the hectic side, so I've only just got around to setting the computer up again after its trip to the delights of Scabwold (sorry I meant Doncaster).

Speaking of Doncaster, I was accosted in the D&C last night by an outraged Sue Mann who hails from said armpit of a town, who despite trying to be offended actually agreed with every word about the sorry, ugly pit of a place.

So a very quick catch up on a couple of the recent goings on at Millbrooker Towers.

Sunday night saw a screening of "As Good As It Gets", starring Jack Nicholson in an oscar winning performance alongside fellow Academy Awardee Helen Hunt. They both got their statuettes for this film in the best leading actor/actress categories and well deserved the gongs were too.

An excellent, bitter, twisted comedy about a disturbed and unpleasant bigot (Nicholson) who gradually makes friends and makes an attempt (mercifully not completely successful) to improve himself in the eyes of his neighbour ("Simon the Fag") and a waitress at a restaurant he frequents. Very very funny and occasionally a little bit painful, I recommend this film to everyone.

We might owe an apology to Frankenkeith because we didn't call to see if he was around for the film because we were convinced he wasn't. We'll make sure we call next time.

The evening was rounded off by EarMatt's display of how to use a torch featuring the RMT logo in its beam:

Once again, in close up, just in case you aren't getting enough of an eyeful of the expectant Dozybean's bosom:

Let's think of what RMT might stand for in the circumstances. Apart from Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union, of course. Rub My Tits? Relaxing Massage There? Random Mammary Treat?...all contributions gratefully accepted.

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