Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meeting John & Sue

Last night saw Mrs The Millbrooker and me swanning off to Looe for an evening with Rosemary and Harry at their pad. As always on these occasions, Rosemary provided some excellent provender for us.

The pretext for the small gathering was for us to meet H & R's friends John and Sue who had accompanied the Looe-dwelling family members to our little bolt hole in Brittany earlier in the autumn. Being in an entire room full of Francophiles is always a pleasure, even when one of them refers to Trebrivan as "The Village of the Damned". I think Sue had had one too many encounters with some of the more "challenged" native inhabitants. Fair play to them, whilst in Brittany this lot had tried almost everything, including country dancing.

After dinner, the guitars came out and John entertained us with some well known old favourites and a rousing version of La Marseillaise. We all enjoyed a decent sing-along and Harry kindly left the guitar playing to John, seen here in the midst of a French folk tune which may or may not have had slightly naughty words (not being a very good French speaker, I had no idea what was going on):

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