Sunday, November 11, 2007

Russell blushes for the first time in ten years

Friday night saw a veritable horde of Millbrooker-Venings gathered at the D&C after a great gig at Mount Edgcumbe featuring the Tony Harris Combo performing songs by George Gershwin, more of which in another post (once Nigel emails us with his sneakily snapped photos from inside the Mount Edgcumbe drawing room).

We had a jolly time being very proud of Lizzie for her vocal performance at the gig and downing some of Russell and Mark's fine ale. Here's a shot of Harry and Rosemary getting into the spirit of things:The best fun was had as Russell emerged from his usual habitat of the kitchens to serve behind the bar.

"I'll have a Betty Stoggs' please, in my tankard, Russell", I requested.

"Which is your tankard, Joshua?"
"The one with the knob on it."

Russell checked each tankard that has been stored in the D&C, looking for some protuberance by which he could identify mine as having a knob on it.

Bless him, he couldn't find what he was looking for; eventually I called over the bar: "It's that one, Russell!" as he began to look bewildered at the lack of anything he could think of as a knob on any of the tankards.

"Where's the knob?" he asked in complete innocence.

"Engraved on the side."

Russell suddenly became very coy and said "Oh dear, I'm going to blush now." Which he did. Profusely; apparently for the first time in ten years. I'm so proud.

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