Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sparkly things for Christmas

Friday evening saw Millbrooker Towers being taken over by what has become something of an annual tradition: Elaine's sparkly-things-sale-party-jobber.

Cousin Dave's great friend Elaine is one of those very talented types who can make lots of lovely things that people want to buy, so we try and help things along by providing some people and plenty of wine. A fine time was had perusing the earrings, pendants, crystals, aromatherapy oils etc; a fine time was also had glugging some of the red or white stuff and snaffling bowls of Pringles.

Seen in the photo above are Hilary bending to inspect some of the goods on offer, Linda from Sunwell has her back to us at the piano (which doubled as shop counter for the evening), Mrs The Millbrooker is right at the back eyeing up some earrings and YarMatt is helping to stop the expanding Dozybean from toppling over.

So's others don't feel left out by not appearing photographically, here's Shazzerooneypoos (who might have been more than a little pie-eyed towards the end of the evening) in deep and earnest conversation with everyone's favourite peroxide addict, Chrissie, who had had her roots done especially for the evening:

Cousin Dave brought along his intended so the Millbrook Mafia got a chance to meet the new honorary Millbrookian; I think there was talk of a pig roast for the wedding day and Linda is going to supply the pig (yummy yummy) - but we're a while away from that yet, so there's lots and lots of arranging, rearranging and additional planning to be done by the happy couple. I have vague and hazy memories of agreeing to fund the purchase of said pig as a wedding present; I have not the faintest idea what a pig costs so I might have been very generous or I might have been a stingy old curmudgeon. I'll find out which soon enough. Anyway, here's Penny Potter eating a bit of Dave's face - it seems we failed to provide enough Pringles:

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