Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NO 2 Id?

The implications for the national "security" database are obvious. They've managed to mess up the simplest of operations giving the lie any claim to "secure"systems within government departments.
It might not happen again soon, but it will happen again and heaven only knows what information will go walkies next time. "Don't worry," Brown says. "The ID scheme will be protected by biometrics." Apart from the appalling implications of allowing a government access to your biometrics, this still wouldn't protect against some dickhead posting the stuff off to the wrong address. Human error is all it takes.
Be a refusenik - do not let these bastards have any of your private information.
In the meantime, I have no idea how long e-bay will let this stay up, so click the link NOW. Trust me, it's worth it:
(with thanks to BathNick for sending me the link)
Postscript: I think ebay have now removed the page. Luckily BathNick has saved a pdf copy of it and you can view it on his blog at
I think BathNick is going to start writing again - excellent, we need more bloggers. You might like to take the occasional look at his musings. As he says it's "...good for the soul."

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