Sunday, December 23, 2007

A big strong lad visits

For those of you following the saga of our washing machine's demise, the offending mechanical monstrosity lives in our outhouse jammed in next to a disused (but still in working condition) chest freezer. Or rather it did. The freezer had to be got rid of to make room for the imminent arrival of the brand spanking new washing machine on Christmas Eve.
The chest freezer has gone to a good home to be filled with assorted goodies and foodstuffs so that Chrissie and Kevin can feed their ravening hordes.

Kevin is seen above backing away down the front path of Millbrooker Towers balancing his well-gotten booty on one of the offspring's skateboard.

Shunning all offers of assistance in lifting and carrying, he proved his impressive manliness by humping the thing single-handed into the back of his waiting chariot:

The testosterone filled freezer humper then sped off into the bright sunshine of the afternoon to deliver his booty to his patiently waiting family. Huzzah for strong young men humping white goods in the streets of Millbrook, say I.

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