Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Prepping

Millbrooker Towers, in common with many establishments of fine calibre in Millbrook and beyond is in the throes of the faintly ridiculous Christmas stress-out as we frantically rush about from room to room and place to place trying to make sure everything is just right for ONE DAY.

Mrs The Millbrooker is seen above hand-shovelling ballast into the Christmas tree pot to stabilise the thing so it doesn't come crashing down onto the soon-to-be drinks covered coffee table. In the midst of the reigning chaos, the steam-driven archaeological specimen that we've lovingly referred to as our "washing machine" decided it had had enough of life and committed hara-kiri in a mass of flooding and broken door catches. The offending object is seen below, looking completely nonchalant at having caused yet more pre-Christmas stress. A replacement is on its way and we've been promised it'll be in place on Christmas Eve. In the meantime we're taking advantage of Shazzerooneypoos' absence and have made her washing machine work hard for its living. Thank you. Auntie Sharon (if you have interweb access in the high alps and can be arsed amongst the excitement of getting cold, wet and sore to read this nonsense.)

Whilst dealing with all this the ever heroic Mrs The Millbrooker has succeeded in baking, maturing (by freezer method) and decorating two Christmas cakes of different sizes. One is a present for her step-mum, that's this one:

The other is for the Millbrooker household and assorted cake eating guests over the festive period; that's this one:
Mrs The Millbrooker's Christmas cakes are something of a legend being both very tasty and exceedingly alcoholic. Should you be a cake lover and are dropping by during the Yule and its immediate aftermath, you're in for a treat. If, like me, you're not a cake eater just gaze in awe at the lovely decorating and have a nibble of icing.

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