Saturday, December 22, 2007

England Team Batsmen, Hang Your Heads In Shame

The scoreline says it all. In the final test of the series at Galle, Sri Lanka scored 499 for 8 and declared. England's reply: 81 all out.


The team should write a letter of apology to the host nation for not being good enough to provide even an entertaining day's cricket and come back home before they waste any more of anyone's time.

These men are not underpaid or amateur sportsmen as they were in days gone by. Their remuneration doesn't even touch the radar of the overpaid nancy boys in the football premiership, but they do earn in the hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, along with a generous expenses regime. For that sort of salary and the lifestyle it bestows I think we humble followers of the wonderful game that is cricket deserve a team of people who can actually do the job.

No one expects victory after victory. Cricket isn't like that (unless you're Australian) which is one of the things that makes it so fascinating. What we are entitled to expect, though, is enough competence and discipline to play a proper game. Is it really beyond them to see that with a couple of wickets down and a massive tally to chase each batsman needs to dig in, select shots very carefully and play for the long term? Come back Geoffrey Boycott - your country needs you and your dull but effective batting style (even if you are a dreadful self- important and over-opinionated old fart).

Oh dear, I appear to have just described myself in the previous parentheses.

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Frankenkeith said...

Hello "Old Fart"
I agree with you completely. fortunately the Aussies are only talking about India at the moment. Shane Warne has concerns about them becoming too arrogant! but he may be talking up his new career as a commentator.
Weather here is mixed, just need it fine for day three at the MCG and day three at SCG ('cos I'm going to be there)

Have a good Christmas and get the washing done in the lake or somewhere.