Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ho hum

Nothing of great note, or even note-very-great-at-all note has happened since my last musings.

I've been to work (boo), I've seen Mrs The Millbrooker off on a train to stay in Bath for a night again (boo), I've achieved practically no Christmas shopping whatsoever (panic).

So, with the complete lack of anything noteworthy of my own to share, here's a collection of images that I thought deserved a viewing. They're by Icaro Doria, a Brazilian working for the magazine Grande Reportagem, in Lisbon. I reckon the concept is quite clever. The script in the right hand sections might a bit small, I hope you're able to read it. If you have trouble and want to see it more clearly, I found it at http://www.brazilianartists.net/home/flags/. They have a bigger website than my 'umble blogspot.


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