Sunday, January 06, 2008

Frankenkeith is a very bad man

I've already published the comment under the "Brrr" posting a day or so ago, but I thought Frankenkeith's submission to these pages deserved a wider audience.

So here goes:

"Hi Joshua,Thanks for the weather report and pictures of the "Old Country"

Glad the New Year went well.

On your freezing day out to St John I was enjoying a few beers at SCG (that's Sydney Cricket Ground for the uninitiated) and watching The Little Master (Tendulkar) make 154 N/O. Hope that cheers you up!"

Well, cheering me up is one way of putting it. I'm very pleased that Frankenkeith is enjoying his sojourn down under, but making me into a jealous bunny is a very naughty thing to do. If the very bad man isn't careful we'll have to watch Manon des Sources before his much anticipated return to film club. Harrumph.

Have a beer for me, mate.

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