Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year's Day on Bodmin Moor..Erratum

Some of you may recall my wittering about visiting the Cheesewring on New Year's Day and walking along what I thought to be an ancient trackway with convenient "paving stones":I have been corrected by the fount of all knowledge in local history terms, Bernard Mills. What we were walking along is the remains of the Liskeard-Caradon railway. The "paving stones" are old stone sleepers.

Here's a quotation from Cornwall County Council's website about Cornish Railways:

"1844- : The Liskeard and Caradon Railway was built to supplement the work of the Liskeard and Looe Union Canal of 1828, carrying ore and granite from the Caradon area towards Looe. It opened from Moorswater near Liskeard, at the terminus of the canal, to South Caradon in 1844, and from Caradon to Cheesewring in 1846. Wagons were run down from the mines and quarries to be hauled back up by horses."

What's more, so I have learnt, the pathway to the Cheesewring from Minions follows the line of the the dismantled Cheesewring Line railway:

I just thought you'd like to know.

You can see plenty of Bernard's excellent photography which features steam locos and railway history at his website. Follow the link at the top right of the blog: Steam and Rail Photos by Bernard Mills.

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