Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm crushed

Dozybean and YarMatt kindly bought me a ukulele tuner for Christmas. I'm absolute rubbish at tuning any instrument by ear (despite years of trying) so the present was most welcome.

Here it is attached to the headstock of the coolest instrument on Earth (see posting passim) and electronically recognising a "C":

This means that I've got a sudden rush of enthusiasm and have been looking up easy-to-play songs (I've tried "Iko Iko" and a few others). I've also been inspired to take my old classical guitar out of its gig bag and make another attempt at Greensleeves.

So there I was sitting on the sofa a couple of nights back musing out loud about wishing I was a musician. Lizzie was next to me and she helpfully said "You are a musician, Joshua. Just not a very good one."

I'm cut to the very quick.

But I'm still practising Greensleeves and Iko Iko incessantly. I think I've already reached the irritating stage; I'm going for unbearable next.

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