Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year's Eve at MIllbrooker Towers

As advertised, we stayed at home on New Year's Eve. Also as advertised we welcomed quite a few fellow Millbrookians who dropped in and out through the evening, slurped some wine, chomped some homemade pate and then wended on towards the D&C. At least I think the D&C was where most people ended up after paying us a call.

First up in the evening we turned the tables when the D&C came to Millbrooker Towers in the shape of Russell and Mark. They're barely recognisable outside of their natural habitat, so I took a shot to help avid landlord spotters to identify them. I must point out that, once again, Mark was most insistent that I don't display anything resembling a double chin, so it's very important that you concentrate only on the handsome Welsh fellow on the right of the photo.

It was a pleasure have their company, albeit briefly as they had to rush back to their (hopefully) busy establishment to cater for the pub going New Year revellers. Lynny and Richie "comb-over" Meeson also spent the early part of evening with us before heading to Russell & Mark's domain to sing Auld Lang Syne.

By mid evening we had a sitting room full. Ralphie arrived looking smarter than ever before along with his new lady-friend Jane who hails from Exeter. It was a flying visit as rumour has it that they had a private party for two to attend before midnight. Nicely done, Ralphie, we all liked meeting Jane - make sure you show her off again around Millbrook. We look forward to seeing the pair of you at the D&C. Seen below from L to R: Shazzerooneypoos' right ear, Frances' knee, Jane, Ralphie, Paul Brennan and Dong's tonsure:

Speaking of Dong's tonsure, he was worried that the flash on the camera might mean that the top of his bonce might shine too much in photographs. I'm happy to confirm that this is not the case.
Come midnight and Millbrooker Towers had mellowed to a small and select gathering with Dong and Shazzerooneypoos, Chrissie and Kevin (with the very small Aidan) and Mrs The Millbrooker with yours truly. We enjoyed a moderately tuneful Auld Lang Syne on the stroke of midnight, shortly after Mrs The Millbrooker had spent a happy few minutes pretending to be "a fast car" being driven up and down the hallway by Aidan.
Kevin may not have been at his most handsome by the end of proceedings but he did enjoy playing with my new commissar's hat:
Young Aidan had to be taken home to bed, but not before special "Grandad" Dong had had a little chat with him and explained all about Keynsian economic theorems:

Onwards, then, into 2008...

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