Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meaty Treats Sampled

The results of hours and hours of hard labour enveloping ground pig in sausage skins is seen above on Mrs The Millbrooker's plate at our evening meal last night.

We decided on a "medley" of sausages so we could try one of each variety of Rame Originals. Note the excessively large casing knot caused by relatively unskilled fingers handling the long hollow tube of collagen during filling.

Mrs The Millbrooker pronounced them delicious (although the knots are best discarded) and she never wants to eat commercial sausages again. Mission accomplished there, then.

My thoughts are that flavour-wise, they're scrummy and I think I got it about right first time (well done me), but they need a slightly higher fat content (add a spot of lard next time) and some extra crumb to make them a bit more succulent.

I'd have to count the experiment as a success - very tasty treats, very low in salt and made with good quality meat. All served up with a decent mash, cabbage and roasted cauliflower.


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