Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Millbrooker does Willy Shake

I've now joined Mrs The Millbrooker in Bath for the night; sorry BathNick, I can't make it for more beer this time. She's off to university to do more clever discussions about Irish things. The hot news on that front is that her latest essay got a very high mark and she's been asked to present a paper at a forthcoming conference for egghead-in-the-Irish-department types.

For us less lofty types, there's a nice photo of Bath at the top of the page to give some vague orientation of where we are. For even less lofty types; there's a nice picture of some cows.

I was at an utter loss this past festive season to think of what to get for the M.A. student in my life and eventually plumped for a weekend in a (I hope) decent inn in Stratford Upon Avon with some best-seat-in-the-house tickets for an RSC production of Henry Vth. So that's what we're up to this weekend: Willy Shaking. As, from the location of his right hand in the photo above is the gentleman depicted by the statue; who he, then?

Anyway, this means that this could be the last post for a few days as I probably won't have much access to the interweb. I am sitting in Milly's house as I write and have a couple of hours to myself, so I might trawl something up after this posting - who knows? We're due back to the civilized climes of Millbrook on Monday evening.
Exit pursued by a bear.

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