Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Millbrooker is away

There haven't been any postings for a day or two; I'm in the Midlands (Bath) at the moment and don't have unlimited computer access like at home.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I are staying with Milly and Trickers, both of whom are visible in the photo above as we await our feast of tapas at La Tasca in Broad Street. When said tapas arrived it was well worth the wait as lots of lovely edibles were laid before us, crowding the table with little terracotta dishes.

Yesterday evening saw me catching up with BathNick at The New Inn in Monmouth Place (frighteningly close to my home in a previous life) where we stumbled unexpectedly upon Uncle Pete Campbell and made him drink far more ale than was good for his poorly kidneys.

Pete and I set up a theatre company together once upon a time in the dim and distant past so there was lots and lots of reminiscing to be done.

BathNick and I ended up very well oiled on delicious Horizon ale and Milly kindly supplied some crisps to nibble at after Mrs the Millbrooker had brought me back to the Swainswick eyrie inhabited by the older generation of her family. I'm not too fragile this morning, but I'll be taking it easy today...

Back to the grindstone tomorrow, and back to slightly more frequent drivellings in this esteemed virtual organ.

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