Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chinese lanterns in high winds

Last night saw Mrs The Millbrooker and me climbing the western face of Knillcross in the howling hoolie that was blowing from the Atlantic. We had an invitation to view Dong and Shazzerooneypoos' holiday snaps and videos whilst downing some decent red stuff and nibbling marinated mushrooms, crayfish tails and other lovely finger foods, so the ascent was well worth the effort.

Dong and Lush Lewis had enjoyed being cooked for earlier on by Alex, who was downing heroic quantities of coke (sticky, fizzy drink not Peruvian marching powder) and manfully taking on bottle opening duties for the evening. We sampled a small nibblette of Alex's pork which was very yummy indeed.
After watching footage of Dong scything masterfully down the pistes and Shazzerooneypoos snowploughing gamely down the same patch of white stuff, we saw the evidence of a late night singsong featuring Millbrook's own shanty singer leading a song in a fascinating variety of keys about larks being malodorous . Dong promises me that he'll let me copy a couple of the photos and videos; watch this space for a video of Pete Stanniforth's "Millbrook Song" as performed by a slightly worse-for-wear Dong, a reluctant Auntie Sharon and a determinedly uncooperative Alex in a French ski chalet. If I can get it onto youtube, I will.
The evening's highlight was our first experience of one of Dong and Shazzer's Chinese lanterns. Here's a shot of Alex and Dong waiting for the hot air within to take enough effect for a successful release into the bracing westerly:
Any reports of UFOs over Southdown or Cremyll will almost undoubtedly be caused by our red flying fire hazard zooming overhead at way above the speed limit...

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Frankenkeith said...

That would be a serious fire hazard in some parts of Australia and would land you in the Gulag (with or without hat).
We also have Hoolies, but blowing in from the Pacific bringing torrential rain to Sydney. Perhaps it is meant to get me ready for Cornish weather? Good pictures of the D&C, soon be back!