Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rob's University Challenge

Having yesterday given readers a glimpse into the inner world of Rob's boudoir, here's a bit of news about the former beer can warrior.

We learned last night that he's received an unconditional offer of a place on a foundation degree course at the Newquay campus of Cornwall College to study Marine Aquaculture. Huzzah for Rob!
I'm not, in truth, absolutely sure what Marine Aquaculture involves apart from the obvious fact that it's to do with things in the water that can be cultured. Anchovies reading Proust, appreciating Picasso and listening to Stravinsky , perhaps?
Mind you I've not really understood most of what any of Mrs The Millbrooker and her former marital partner's progeny have studied since they started GCSEs, so there's no hope whatever for a Millbrooker of very little brain to work out what Rob is going to be doing in his imminent higher education years.
Anyway, needless to say, the news was considered a Champagne Moment (copyright Test Match Special; dear, dear Johnners). A suitable bottle was retrieved from the outhouse where it has been keeping cool for the last year or two and the resultant slurp is shown in the photo above.
Rob, as can be noted from the photo, dressed elegantly for the occasion of imparting such momentous news in classic student garb of shop worker's uniform and beanie hat. Good to know he's getting in practice for the student lifestyle.

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